IMMFBRBackstory for this review; I might have stayed up late the night before drinking champagne and creme de cassis with friends, gone to bed slightly drunk, and forgotten to plug in my humidifier before passing out. That last thing might not sound like a big deal but I live in a high rise building that is extremely, extremely dry in the winter. Your skin feels like it’s had the moisture and life sucked out of it if you don’t have the humidifier running. On top of my little misstep the hell meter was cranked up to it’s maximum because the next morning we woke up to -24c temperatures with strong winds. My skin was unhappy, dry, and about to get assaulted by jack frost.  I needed to do some errands that required about a kilometers worth of walking outside in the city so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try out something I had heard good things about.
That brings us to Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base. Despite what it sounds like, is not a foundation, it’s actually a primer. In addition to that it’s also a moisturizing skin treatment. Unlike most primers this one isn’t clear, it’s a white lotion that blends invisibly into your skin. Out of the tube it just looks like any generic cream. It’s white and has a pleasant faintly herbal scent. Innisfree is a brand that’s all about being natural and using naturally derived ingredients. I would say it’s the hipper Korean cousin of like, an Aveda type brand. Actually, that’s a perfect description because a lot of their products really do remind me of things Aveda would sell. They are especially similar fragrance wise, but overall they perform much better and are a about half the cost.
Keeping in line with their natural ingredients identity, Mineral Moisture Fitting Base (MMFB from here on out) contains mineral powders from Jeju island to help your makeup have more staying power. And remember how I’ve talked before about plain old water being used as the main ingredient in most moisturizers? Well, Innisfree has used 100% organic green tea water in lieu of distilled water, pretty nice! It’s also formulated free of six different bad guys. It’s free of parabens, artificial colourings, artificial fragrances, benzophenone, ethanol, or silicone. You have no idea how happy that last one makes me. I hate silicone in skincare and makeup products, I just cannot stand it. It feels gross, like my skin is suffocating. It also breaks me out to an insane degree almost immediately. But because of the slip it gives, a lot of companies use it, so I’m usually the grumpiest of grumpy bears when reading ingredients lists. The green tea water and silicone free formulation already had me excited but I wasn’t exactly sure what it was really supposed to do. According to a badly translated description it “replenishes your skin with moisture and the enwrapping-final touch enhances the adherence and long lasting effects of the make-up that follows” So basically it nourishes and moisturizes your face and so that it makes a good surface for your makeup to adhere to. So, like I described above, truly straddling the worlds between between a skin treatment and a primer. 
The way you traditionally apply this product is after your skincare routine and sunscreen, just before you put on your foundation or bb cream. Exactly the same way you would apply any foundation primer. As nasty as the weather was I decided to just mix it in with my bb cream and use it that way. I used about 1 part MMFB to 2 parts bb cream ratio. Now, the reason I did that was I knew that the bb cream was not going to be enough protection given the extreme temperatures and wind. If I wore the bb alone it would just exacerbate my already dried out skin. So I added it all together and it mixed really nicely with my bb cream (which was Innisfree eco natural green tea bb cream). Applied to the face it was not heavy or greasy at all. It actually made my bb cream blend even easier and it was already very nicely blend-able so that’s saying something. If you apply it the traditional way, although it offers no coverage, it does give your face a nice even glow before your foundation goes on.
So, if you’re wondering if it stood the harsh condition test it actually did! After walking into the wind both ways (way to troll me, Mother Nature) I didn’t emerge wind chapped or a desiccated mess. My skin stayed hydrated and comfortable all day. Once I thawed out enough to take stock of myself I discovered my bb cream was still as flawless as when I first applied it that morning! I think this would be the absolutely perfect thing to use on a ski trip, or a weekend trip to a chalet, or the much less glamourous Christmas shopping in the freezing cold like I did. This would be best suited to a drier skin type since it is actually moisturizing, not just in name only like some products are. An oily skin type would most probably find this to be a bit much.

I’m going to give the Innisfree Mineral Moisture Fitting Base a 4 out of 5 turtles. It’s a good value and it really does offer much more benefit for a drier skin than a regular old primer. If you’re already going to use one, why not use one full of good, actually beneficial ingredients instead of something that’s just going to sit on your face and offer nothing in return.


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