too cool for school lunchbox bb
Today’s product is quite the mouthful, given that it’s called a “foundation lunchbox” I suppose that’s in keeping with the theme.
The After School BB Foundation Lunchbox is one of the cleverest products I’ve seen lately. The concept is it’s an all in one bento box of beauty for your face. You have your jar of bb cream with a screw top, but contained within the lid is a flip top revealing concealer and a highlighter.
too cool for school foundation lunch box

I was afraid that with an all in one product like this that they would drop the ball somewhere. I went into this thinking “this looks really neat but I bet that concealer and highlighter are garbage”. I was so wrong!

too cool for school lunchbox bb foundation swatch
The BB is a lovely consistency. As you can see in the picture, it has a little built in paddle in the lid to scoop out product. I swiped it across my hand and applied it with a beauty blender, which worked really well. This only comes in two colours and each colour is a different formulation (I know, I don’t even understand). I went with #2 Moist Skin which is the darker of the two. I can’t imagine this working for anyone darker than NC25, but I can’t say for sure. This is a thick creamy BB but I wouldn’t say it’s particularly moisturizing on it’s own. It is nice though, and as a dry to normal skin I really like it. The concealer is also creamy, and works surprisingly well on my dark circles. Like I said, I didn’t have high hopes for this but it definitely exceeded by expectations and then some. The real surprise for me was the highlighter! It’s been well established that I’m a glow junkie, and this highlighter performed well enough to earn a “oh damn, NICE!” from me when I first put it on. It’s not crazy perfect or anything, but it certainly does everything I expect and demand out of my highlighters. This could be your perfect product for travel. Especially for things like weekend trips where you don’t want to transport a whole lot of makeup but you still want to be on point for your day to day. I love this little lunchbox! The packaging is adorable, it’s a good quality product, and the highlighter performs! All around win!
Available on ebay here

And amazon here
I give Too Cool For School After School BB Foundation Lunchbox 5 out of 5 turtles.

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  1. The concept/package = totes adorable. I’m guessing the BB cream would be too dark for someone around N15 though?

    • I think it might be a tad too dark but you know how BB cream can be, it could surprise us all lol.
      They do have that lighter colour available but I’m not happy it’s in an entirely different formulation!

  2. THIS IS SO CUTE! Things like this make me so sad I can’t wear any of the face makeup here. It’s so perfect for traveling!

  3. That packaging! I’m usually under the impression that these sorts of things are just gimicky and a waste of money, but reading your review of this BB Foundation Lunchbox has changed my opinion. I agree, this would be perfect for travel or weekend getaways. It was really well thought out. Thanks for doing this review! 🙂

  4. I was eyeing thi BB cream for some time, since I love Too Cool For Schools package design a lot! It is super conventient that it comes with a conceiler and a highlighter. Really love that idea.

  5. This sounds great! Now to find the Too Cool for School in Daejeon.

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  7. Excuse me. I really like this product and going to buy one. But I’m confusing choosing the right tone of bb foundation for my skin. I thought the difference between #1 and #2 is the color, but i read somewhere that the matte one is for combination and oily skin, the moist one is for dry skin. I have combination skin but i’m afraid #1 would be too bright for my skin. Can you help me please?

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