Continuing with the unique Holika Holika BBs, we have something today that’s way, way out of the box in terms of a delivery system. The Holika Holika Face 2 Change Liquid Roller BB is a BB cream in probably the most unusual packaging I’ve ever seen. It’s housed in a hard plastic tube with a sponge roller at the end. You press the button on the side to dispense the product onto the sponge, then you roll it across your face like a paint roller to apply.

Now, if I can be honest with you for a second. I may or may not have initially bought this product because of how much it’s design reminded me of a stun gun.


See? I mean, really. It’s like a stun gun of bb cream for your face. How has no one else seen the similarities yet? ;)Getting down to the nitty gritty of this product, although it is very unique, it’s also a bit unwieldily and awkward to handle. I ended up having to blend it with my fingers in some tight spots. This is from the Face 2 Change line like the Moist Cushion BB I reviewed earlier, but the finish is totally different. This is more of a matte and doesn’t give that beautiful glow that the cushion bb gave me. This also tends to cling more to dry patches. I think this would perform well for an oily skin type, especially those who appreciate a matte finish and oil control.  This is available in two shades, #1 and #2. I got shade #2 which is slightly too dark for my skin but would do well for Summer time. I think this is a medium type coverage but I didn’t want to try to build on it as it was already clinging to my dry areas. Also I should mention to those worried about hygiene, the roller sponge is removable and can be cleaned.

I have to be honest. I don’t love this product. I mean, it’s not a bad product. It just doesn’t work for me. I’m usually all for weird things but this one isn’t all that user friendly for me personally. The formulation isn’t necessarily bad either, I just think I’m a glow junkie and between the two I really prefer both the delivery system, and the glowing finish of the Moist Cushion BB. Still, this is a nice matte bb cream if that’s your thing. I also think the fact that I’m a drier skin type and this is obviously geared toward oily skin is a factor in my not loving it. This could very well be someone else’s HG BB, but for me I’m going to go with three out of five turtles.

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  1. BB cream stun gun = a stunning look for a beautiful you? But seriously, I’ve always wanted a weapon/paint roller hybrid to apply my makeup with.

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