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Read all about it in my article on XoJane!

Special thanks to Kerry over at Skin & Tonics for the help with sourcing!

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  1. What’s with the people and so many shot attitudes?

    Anyway, great informative article for the masses (who ain’t bitches)
    I didn’t knew about the silk exfoliating stuff so thanks I’ll keep me eye out

  2. Hi. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter here. First, I really enjoy reading your blog! Second, I’m writing to ask your opinion/advice. I recently started using several products from the Benton line (Aloe BHA Toner, Snail Bee Essence, Aloe Gel & Snail Bee Steam Cream). I used them together for a little less than a week, with nice results — brighter, more moisturised skin. Last night, however, after using the toner and essence, my face suddenly became very irritated. It didn’t hurt, but I was visibly breaking out (in hives?) along my jawline and the bottom of my cheeks. Since it was really late, I decided that I should just finish up, get to bed & try to figure out what was going on in the morning. When I woke up, the skin on my face was totally fine — a little tighter than usual, but no irritation or redness. Strange. The next time I did my skincare, I used a different toner (Tony Moly) and then the Benton Essence, and the same thing happened again, red spots and also this time my face stung a little. What is going on? I have never had a reaction like this to any cosmetics before, and I have no known allergies (I had the skin test done last year). I purchased my products directly from Benton’s Gmarket page (I live in Korea). What do you think might be causing this irritation and what I should do? Thanks so much for any advice.

    • Hello there!
      That sounds like it could get quite scary! I have no idea what could be causing the irritation, but I would definitely stop using the products that cause it immediately!

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